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August 23, 2018

If you're not already familiar with this band then you are in for a treat. Originally released in 1998 Solitary's debut album "Nothing Changes" is officially 20 years old and this album has aged extremely well.

For fans of Testament, Pantera, Exodus, etc, this album is for you. It's chock full of groove and thrash but never really gets to those higher tempos that makes circle pitting and headbanging immediately exhausting. They hit that sweet-spot tempo every time. 

Remembering the fact that this album is 20 years old, it's an amazing representation of what metal was at this time with a sound that would have definitely inspired modern thrash bands like Havok as it rivals the likes of Testament and Sepultura.


"Nothing Changes" is deep, heavy, groovy, thrashy, and overall badass. Any fan of metal will find something to enjoy about this album.


What I love about this album is that, in typical anniversary release fashion, it comes with 5 bonus demo tracks recorded back in 1996. The mixes are raw, gritty, really rough, and that's perfect. I love when anniversary releases have live and/or demo tracks on them. It helps show that the end product that gets released took more effort than just throwing down the recording and mixing it a little bit. 

This album is an absolute gem. If you're itching to hear it then you need to go to their website to purchase a copy of your own because this anniversary edition does not have a digital release! (Talk about a 90's throwback! I love it!) So click the album art below to go to their webstore and get a copy asap!

"Nothing Changes" is incredibly satisfying and you won't regret picking it up! 8.5/10


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